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Oliver Endahl

Austin based Endahl of Ballet Zaida showcases his Echographs of ballet dancers in outdoor environments. Read this story-in-motion, as told through the eyes of Echograph.

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Create your best Echograph and submit it through the app. If you get selected for Staff Picks you will be featured in the app, on our app website and in our Staff Picks blog.

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Import video to all models of the iPad

Our iPad CF + USB Kit* allows you to take Echograph further by importing photos + videos to the iPad. Plug in Compact Flash card media or directly connect a camera via USB cable, including a video DSLR, iPhone or iPod Touch.

*Not required for use of the app.

See how to create a new visual story in a matter of minutes with Echograph. Available now on the App Store.

Start by capturing a video with your iPad's camera or importing a clip from your iPad's photo library.

Trim the duration to less than five seconds. Try to make a perfect blend of the start and end frames to create the illusion of an infinite loop.

Select a photographic still frame from the video. For best results, focus on freezing areas of movement or blurred actions.

Magically paint with your original video to sprinkle action
into the still image. Toggle between a live preview or mask for
more detailed work.

Brag by posting Echographs to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.
Suggest that we consider your Echograph for our Staff Picks. Here's a video how.